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USDA Livestock & Grain Reports

Agricultural Commodity Source

Welcome to Your one stop source for United States Department of Agriculture economics, statistics and market information. This complimentary resource will provide you with the fundamental information necessary to knowledgeably trade the commodity futures markets.

Trading commodity futures requires a general understanding of the markets one is investing in. Through the combined use of the USDA's regular reports on crop progress, production and acreage as well as tracking the CFTC Commitment of Traders Reports, traders can stay abreast of what the major players in the Cattle and Grain markets are expecting as well as their reaction to what they're getting.

Commitment of Traders

The Commitment of Traders data is crucial to understanding the ebb and flow of the markets. In a value driven market, no one knows fair value like the people who produce it or, have to use it. In fact, it is precisely their sense of value that provides the market's rhythmic meanderings that swing traders love so much. Let's face it, producers know when their product is overvalued and it should be sold just as well as end line users know when they should be stocking up at low prices.



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